The Love Trail Running ethos evolves around offering any keen runner the chance to embrace guided group trail runs. We see our guided runs as a positive alternative to competitive, organised races where the emphasis is usually on time rather than having a good time. We aim to make LTRs adventurous, fulfilling, social, appropriately challenging and most importantly good fun! Our range of groups aim to take runners to new and interesting places, to explore incredible environments whilst running along some fantastic, intricate trails - many of which they wouldn't have known existed. We promote a non-competitive environment where like-minded people can relax and enjoy the freedom guided trail running provides. The atmosphere on our group runs reflects the LTR mantra:

"It's less about beating people and more about meeting people #onthetrails"


If you join one of our guided trail runs we welcome any type of feedback. Our aim is to make all LTRs runner focused, so anything you feel we could improve please let us know. To date we're very pleased the feedback has been 100% positive, which we strive to maintain week in week out. 

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