At Love Trail Running we value & appreciate what you bring to our group trail runs. For each run you book onto and subsequently complete you will receive loyalty points which you can redeem against some terrific rewards. We update the LTR loyalty points on a weekly basis so you can check your current totals below.

How many points do I earn?

Intro 5 - Taster 5 - Regular 10 - LTR Special 15+ - LTR 1-2-1 30

What can I buy with my points?

25 points  - LTR Keyring - LTR Mouse Mat

50 points  - LTR Zipped wristband - LTR Water Bottle

75 points - LTR Coffee Mug - LTR Drawstring Bag

150 points - LTR Cap/Beanie - LTR Ticket 

200 points - LTR Umbrella - LTR T-Shirt  

300 points - LTR Hoodie - LTR Trainer Bag

350 points - LTR Holdall - LTR 1-2-1 Voucher

450 points - LTR Down Jacket

All LTR apparel is available to buy with each point being worth 10p eg: LTR Down Jacket - 450 points = £45 (Correct as of 15.01.2017)

Terms and Conditions

  • Points are awarded to trail runners that book on and subsequently complete one of our LTR's.
  • Your current points totals can be checked via the link above.
  • Points are redeemable at any time of the calendar year January - December.
  • Points are not carried forward into a new year and are reset to zero on January 1st.
  • Points have to be redeemed before the end of the year.
  • To redeem points please go to our Facebook Shop and click 'message' on the desired item to enquire about availability.
  • Points can be used against items up to 100% discount.
  • For items you would like but are short of points for - the balance can be made up with a payment.
  • All items are subject to availability.
  • The 3 trail runners with the highest points totals as of 17.12.17 will receive a bonus of: 1st = 200 / 2nd = 150 / 3rd = 100.
  • For queries regarding our loyalty scheme - please email us at 
  • We reserve the right to update the loyalty scheme points and terms & conditions.